Heyo from a little town in Alaska.

My name is Kacie, I’m seventeen, and I’m pretty much your average teenage girl. Okay, so I might not be your average teenage girl. I’m kinda what you’d call a weirdo, freak, crazy, etc. But since I’m a writer and would go on forever talking about myself, I’ll make it easy and just make a list of a few facts about me for all of you to read. Here goes nothing…

  • I’m very loud and opinionated
  • I love romance
  • My favorite superhero is Spiderman
  • I listen to every genre of music
  • I grew up in a Christian home
  • I can be a total bitch
  • I’m a hardcore lipstick junkie
  • I’ve lived in Alaska all my life
  • I’m extremely over dramatic
  • I’m a hyper active person
  • I’ve had very few crushes
  • I cry a lot, but rarely in front of people
  • I’ve written two novels
  • I talk extremely fast and way too much
  • I laugh at everything
  • I’m a giant (5’10)
  • I’m an avid Taylor Swift lover
  • My biggest dream is to have my writing published